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Motion Touchless Led Switch IR Single-Double Dimmer

Product Code:AE-WBBUNI-10DIM
Product Code:AE-WBCUNI-10DIM

£7.16£7.22 excl. VAT

Motion Touchless Led Switch IR Single-Double Dimmer – Colour: Black
£7.22 excl. VAT

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Motion Touchless Led Switch IR Single-Double Dimmer – Colour: White
£7.16 excl. VAT

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Touchless Led Sensor Switch Single-Double Dimmer.

3 in 1 All Purpose Touch Free GTV Switch Dimmer Single or Double Pole Sensor
Suitable for non-contact switching or, can be used as proximity switch – single-speed sensor, or non-contact switch -two-speed sensor or as dimmer.
Furthermore, the switch can be used in kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes.
The switch has two operating modes:
1. Proximity sensor that turns on the light when the cabinet, wardrobe or wardrobe door is moved away,
and turning off the light when the door approaches the sensor.
2. Two-speed sensor that turns on or off with a dimming function when a hand or other object is approached
at a distance of 5 cm. Momentarily bringing your hand closer to 1 second turns the lamp on or off, holding your hand will dim or brighten it depending on the level at which the switch is located.
There are two methods of installation: glued inside the cabinet (single-speed sensor) or outside, recessed into the furniture body (two-speed sensor).
Additionally, you will require a 12V DC or 24V DC power supply-Not included.
Lastly, works on movement activation, hand or sliding doors and perfect for Cob Led Tape
Maximum power at 12V power supply: 24W
Maximum power at 24V: 48W power supply
Degree of protection: IP20
Wires: 1 meters long
Dimmable function
Material: Plastic
Colours: White or Black
Diameter: 17mm
Length: 53mm
There are two methods for installation: glue to the frame/door or inserted into frame
Installation info Touchless Switch

Weight N/A

Black, White

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