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Led Power Transformer 150W Led Driver 12V

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Led Power Transformer 150W Led Driver 12V

LED power transformers, also know as LED power supplies or transformers, are devices that regulate the power sent to your strip lights, transforming mains voltage to the required power level of the LED lights.
Our range of LED drivers, can help power every long-life LED strip lighting project with minimal maintenance.
Some of the professional drivers we stock are renowned for delivering unbeatable performance.
In summary, suitable for running longer led runs or a few lighting points.

Additionally, LEDs also require a constant current compared to traditional bulbs that work with an alternating current.
We do recommend in most cases to use a constant current driver to ensure that there is no flickering
Some more complex lighting is powered by a single transformer with more power.
For example, a 50W LED driver could power 10 x 5W bulbs. In case of this driver you can power up to 30 bulbs.
Strip lighting typically operates at 8W per meter so a 5 meter length would require approximately a 40 – 45W LED driver.
This led power Transformer 150W is designed for supplying light sources as LED tapes, RGB controllers, LED strips and luminaires.
Power supply: input: 230V AC / output: 12V DC
Frequency: 47-63HZ
Protection class: IP20
Output power 150W
Short circuit protection and overload protection
Reliable operation
Compact dimensions 160x100x50mm
High output power
Material: aluminium

Other driver available Drivers

Cables or connectors not included.

Weight 0.36 kg

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