Blum Servo-Drive Uno for Top Mounted Waste Systems Z10T543W

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Blum Servo Drive Uno for Top Mounted Waste System Z10T543W
The Blum Servo-Drive Uno is especially useful for top-mounted waste bin pull-outs, which are opened and closed the most.
Providing an increase in the level of comfort that no kitchen user will want to do without.
A light touch on the front with the hip, knee or foot is all that is required for the pull-out to open as if by itself – thanks to Servo-Drive Uno.
Ideal for individual applications, and retrofit
Electrical power assisted drawer and pull-out solution
Easy opening, silent and effortless closing thanks to integrated Blumotion
Drawers open automatically with just a light touch
Simple and quick assembly of pre-mounted parts.
No fixed connection to drive system
Compatible with existing Tandembox pull-out systems
Suitable for Legrabox or Tandembox

1 x Drive unit
2 x Blum distance bumper
1 x Bracket profile horizontal
1 x Bracket profile adapter for drive unit
1 x Protection against dripping water
1 x Blum plug-in transformer 12W
1 xBracket profile attachments left/right
1 x Instruction

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