Knurled Aluminium T Bar Modern Wardrobe & Kitchen Handle

Product code: ALU096B
Product Code: ALU128B
Product Code: ALU160B
Product Code: ALU192B
Product Code: ALU256B
Product Code: ALU320B
Product Code: ALU096G
Product Code: ALU128G
Product Code: ALU160G
Product Code: ALU192G
Product Code: ALU256G
Product Code: ALU320G

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Knurled Aluminium T Bar for Kitchen Cupboard Cabinet Drawers Modern Door Handles
Modern, stylish and sturdy Knurled T Bar Handle in black and gold finish made from solid aluminium. Immediately transform any room or piece of furniture with these elegant handles.
The cross hatch knurled design across the centre of the bar adds a texture design as well as a comfortable use.
The measurements are as follows, Hole to Hole length is the distance between screw holes for fittings which is also the size on the listing;

Hole to Hole length – 96 mm — Overall Length – 150 mm
Hole to Hole length – 128 mm — Overall Length – 182 mm
Hole to Hole length – 160 mm — Overall Length – 214 mm
Hole to Hole length – 192 mm — Overall Length – 246 mm
Hole to Hole length – 256 mm — Overall Length – 310 mm
Hole to Hole length – 320 mm — Overall Length – 374 mm
Bar diameter: 12 mm
Handle protrusion from surface: 20 mm
2 screws are provided per handle – these are M4 screws 25mm long – which makes installation quick and easy.


Black, Gold


96 mm, 128 mm, 160 mm, 192 mm, 256 mm, 320 mm

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